what is sustainable fashion

What is Sustainable Fashion?


Sustainable is a word appearing more and more in our vocabulary. But do we actually know what it means?


Despite its frequent use, there is no official definition for Sustainable Fashion. This makes the use of the word hard to monitor.  In its briefest form, Sustainable fashion is an umbrella term for Eco fashion, Slow Fashion and Ethical Fashion.


what is sustainable fashion


 Due to the lack of regulation on the use of the word, big fashion brands have been able to throw around the term ‘Sustainable’, fooling consumers into thinking their products are ethically made & eco friendly. This is known as Green Washing! If you can buy a t-shirt for the same price as a coffee, someone, somewhere down the line, hasn’t been payed properly… if at all!



The first thing to realize is: when it comes to Fashion, it is very difficult to be 100% Sustainable!


There is no quick fix. However, there is progression in the right direction.


Why is it so difficult for Fashion to be 100% Sustainable?


Nearly every stage within the fashion industry: from the manufacturing of garments, to the washing of our clothes, to the landfill process, has negative implications on people & the environment.


Did you know…

When we wash our clothes, microfibers are released into the waters, then ingested by ocean life.  They make their way up the food chain, ending up on our dinner plates.


Even when we are being conscious consumers and buying clothes made of recycled materials, we should be aware that the production of these products uses lot of energy, which also contributes to climate change.

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t buy recycled clothes or never wash our clothes. It just shows us the importance of recognizing the brands that don’t have an ethical/environmentally conscious ethos, and start shopping with brands that do.


So how do we know where to shop?


The most important thing brands can do is be transparent, especially when it comes to their supply chain. If a company is open about where their products are made, who made them and what they are made from, we can start to understand their values. And then make an informed decision on whether or not we will purchase their items. We should be worried when this information is hard to find. The chances are they have things to hide!


What changes can I make?


– Cut down on our purchasing from fast fashion brands!

 -Look for transparency within brands.

-When you buy clothes,  buy good quality, ethically made products, manufactured by brands that are conscious about the environment, and equality.

-Upcycle the clothes you have. We don’t need brand new clothes to keep up with the latest fashion trends. This is the trap of Fast Fashion!



So it’s up to us to become aware and take the right action, let’s make the right choices when we buy!

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